International Student Engagement

Newcastle University
Penna has partnered with Newcastle University Business School (NUBS) for more than two years, providing strategic media planning and buying services to generate enquiries for full-time MBA and masters programmes and undergraduate courses.

To engender continued international awareness of the Business School, our approach is long-term. By employing always-on tactics, our aim is to maintain  a presence in key markets, building continued awareness and ultimately securing conversions.
For 2019, our campaign used a mix of programmatic, paid search, social and third party media, with all conversions tracked throughout.


At the time of writing (towards the end of 2019), we have driven 391,682 users to relevant NUBS landing pages, with an amazingly low CPC (cost per click) of just £0.23. The campaign’s average CPA (cost per acquisition) currently stands at £51.20.  

Google paid search was split into four strands: phrase, courses, competitors and brand; then split further into MBA, postgraduate and undergraduate.

Our tactics here have paid dividends as, with only 2.5.% share of voice, there has been a robust return on investment (ROI) with this channel producing a CPA of £56.19 and CPC of £134.00.

Penna Programmatic is the channel that has secured the most conversions of the entire campaign, with the post-graduate specific targeting achieving the highest numbers at 1,042 conversions.